Marina TV creates and displays video promotions. These are to promote a businesses products and or services they provide. Each video is custom created by one of our talented designers to best represent the business and its branding.


Marina TV offers twenty or thirty second video promotions that will be displayed on selected sites to promote your business.


Here are a few examples of video promotions we have created. For more examples, please visit our YouTub channel.


To get the creation of your Video Promotion under way, we will need to get some direction from you.


Briefing Form

We will send you the link to fill in our online video promotion briefing form. This will set us up to give you exactly what you want.



One of our designers will create a draft of your video promotion based on your supplied brief and artwork assets.


Draft To Client

You will be emailed a link to the draft video promotion and asked to provide feedback and any changes you would like made. This repeats until you are happy with the result.


Set Live

Once you have signed off the video promotion, it will be set live on the sites listed on your contract. When this process is complete, you will be notified by email with confirmation that your video promotion is now Live.